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Max Mileage Booster


This amazing Technology is world renowned with several Patents Pending.
Benefits of Max Milage Booster
1.Better smoother running engine
2.Reduce the operating temperature of the engine
3.Increases mileage of any Vehicle upto 50%
4.Reduces Engine Vibration
5.Increases Pickup
6.Increases power of the Engine
7.Low Maintenance
8.Easy to install/handle
9.No Mechanical changes to the engine and at affordable Cost.
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Max Features

  • Increase Power of the engine
  • Increase Mileage 50% and above...!
  • Reduce Pollution
  • Increase Pickup
  • Easy to Install & Use
  • No change in Engine Assembly, Wiring
  • Ultra Low Maintainance
  • Increase Engine Life
  • Pollution control device
  • Feel better city driving pickup
  • Experience highway smoothness/better       mileage


  • “Max Mileage Booster is working to increase mileage. I noticed better car performance soon after that. I've been using the Max Mileage Booster about once a month since then.”
  • “I had been wanting to try the Max Mileage Booster product for some time, but kept putting it off! I finally tried it and my car has been running a lot better and mileage has been better. I commute 40 miles every day to
    and from work and I have seen a difference
    in my mileage. And I Thanks using Max Mileage Booster! Thanks!”
  • “I'm a believer now. I have a family,
    Im Happy to use Max Mileage Booster. It's easy to use and maintain.
    I see the mileage improvement in all our various cars - old and new.”
  • “I just want to say that the Max Mileage Booster that you all provide is really a great product. It has given me a smoother run
    and I feel as if it’s also given me extra mileage in my weekly commute. I putting
    gas every 5 days and now I am putting gas
    in every 6 to 7 days depending on my runs. I recommend Max Mileage Booster to all my friends.”
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